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Buy Less, Buy Better

Recycle. Compost. Separate our trash. Buy local. Buy organic. Use public transit. Go solar. Go diesel. Go electric. Go chemical free. Use motion-switched lighting. Don’t use lighting. Shop vintage. Re-use. Re-purpose. Grow your own. Eat no beef. Just don’t eat….

There are myriad ways that we should all live better. Its exhausting. But we are believers, so we fight the fight. This week’s “Sustainable Saturday” Get Off the Couch vlog post shares one key way that we can quite easily live a bit more sustainably: Buy less, and buy better.

While there are lots of ways to interpret “buy better,” and even more ways to do it, the most important thing is to take the time before you buy anything of consequence to ask yourself: “Might this _____ be with me for a decade or more? Could I choose another version of this that could last longer or provide utility longer than this one? Can I afford to maybe pay a bit more to buy a little better and cause this thing to sustain….

Shawn Nelson's Home

Shaw Nelson’s 210 year old Connecticut Farmhouse, built 1806 — still going

An object’s ability to sustain, is much more important to achieving true sustainability than so many other of the metrics we use to judge whether a particular item or service is “sustainable.” This thought has captured Lovesac’s imagination and materialized in the form of a formal design philosophy, called “Designed for Life.” This notion of sustaining sustainability has led us to the framework outlined on this blog.

What are you investing in that will sustain? Love to hear from you.

— Shawn


About Shawn

Founder & CEO of Lovesac, a Designed For Life furniture company. I have a goal of building products that are truly sustainable. Would you believe, I won a $1 million investment on Fox’s “Rebel Billionaire” show in 2005 and became President of Virgin Worldwide with Richard Branson’s companies for a time. Since then, I've grown Lovesac into a national brand with over 150 showrooms and more than 1000 employees, recognized in Furniture Today as America’s fastest growing furniture retailer. I'm becoming known for my invention of Sactionals® Lovesac’s industry-disruptive sofa invention. Check out my vlog on YouTube! Get Off The Couch, with Shawn Nelson of Lovesac

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