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Designed for Life: Let’s Build Something That Lasts.

Welcome to Designed For Life, an organization created to enable people to buy less by inspiring companies to create better. We are a group of designers, entrepreneurs, and consumers that work together to make this vision a reality. But what makes something Designed for Life? It’s a combination of sustainability, adaptability, and utility that gives a product a lifespan as long as ours. Hopefully longer. Planned obsolescence is an outdated business model and we’re here to offer a better way.”

Nothing Lasts Forever. But let’s build things that can.
At today’s rate of population and industry growth, it’s apparent that we live in a world of finite resources. We believe that businesses building products with a short lifespan will soon be looked at with the same disdain as companies who dump toxic waste into our water supply. It’s irresponsible, and it’s leading us down a dangerous path. We believe that product design should come from starting point of “How can we make this last a lifetime?”

Be Adept at Adapting.
Building a product that lasts a lifetime takes more than durability. If that were the case, cast iron would make up everything we owned. A Designed for Life product must be able to adapt throughout its lifespan. Whether that comes in the form of a modular cell phone or a couch that can expand and contract based on the room size, it has to fit your life no matter what your life looks like.

A New Kind of Utility Company.
Our goal is to get companies to think about adaptability as well as durability to create something with a third trait, utility. A product that has heightened utility increases its value to you intrinsically. This may come at a higher cost, but our vision is to make each purchase you make an investment, rather than an expense. As the famous saying goes, “Quality doesn’t cost. It pays.”

We’re in it for the Green.
Environmentalism is a driving force behind Designed for Life, but our aim is to create a Sustainable Capitalism movement that motivates companies to adopt our philosophy because it makes smart business sense. By focusing their structure on efficiency and long-term value for the customer, companies can increase their bottom line while minimizing their eco-footprint. We want this to be the leading design philosophy that the world’s most innovative organizations live by. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


About Shawn

Founder & CEO of Lovesac, a Designed For Life furniture company. I have a goal of building products that are truly sustainable. Would you believe, I won a $1 million investment on Fox’s “Rebel Billionaire” show in 2005 and became President of Virgin Worldwide with Richard Branson’s companies for a time. Since then, I've grown Lovesac into a national brand with over 150 showrooms and more than 1000 employees, recognized in Furniture Today as America’s fastest growing furniture retailer. I'm becoming known for my invention of Sactionals® Lovesac’s industry-disruptive sofa invention. Check out my vlog on YouTube! Get Off The Couch, with Shawn Nelson of Lovesac

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