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DFL A Durable Framework Header

The DFL framework contains six tenets, the second one being “Durable”. This tenet focuses on the idea that if a company commits to continuously improving the durability of its product, then the quality of the product improves as well.

By quality, we mean the sense of satisfaction that customers can get after using and experiencing a product. If the product can sustain this satisfactory performance over a long period of time, then durability and quality become synonymous. Durability and continuous product performance can result in customer satisfaction and ultimately increase and support the DFL purpose of “Buying Less, Buying Better”. Durability and longevity come together under the DFL framework, introducing the parameter of time as a way to continuously evolve and improve. With DFL, our purchasing habits change from over-consuming to investing in products that last longer.

This fundamental idea of longevity is not only captured in our Durable tenet, but exists throughout the DFL framework. We created the DFL framework to be long-lasting and adaptable – the same principles we believe products should have, as well. The idea of modularity exists in DFL through our six tenets that cover different aspects and characteristics of product design. This adds to the idea of durability of the framework itself as we approach it from a modular perspective. As our world evolves around us, the framework itself might need to evolve in the future.

The modular approach through our six tenets allows us to renew one or more tenets without changing the whole framework. Longevity is not just an objective of DFL products, but for the DFL framework itself. Our goal is to create something that lasts a lifetime; always evolving and always being relevant, while maintaining its identity and purpose.

The goal of creating a durable and long-lasting framework can be achieved by being thoughtful throughout the process of building this new business and product development framework. Our tenets are carefully selected after debates and reviews in order to ensure that they capture all the essential points in the most appropriate way to achieve our mission of creating products that are built to last and are designed to evolve.

The mission of DFL is to inspire humankind to consume less by empowering companies to design better. One of the main reasons why we focus on the long-lasting structure of our framework is because we are aware that our mission cannot be achieved fast. We are aware that all stakeholders in this mission — companies, products, consumers — need time to become familiar, accept, and implement this new way of thinking.

A thoughtful, well-designed, long-lasting, “durable” framework will lead us to a new, sustain-able solution that impacts the environment in a positive way and creates stronger companies, better products, and well-informed, satisfied customers.

Thanos Stathopoulos

About Thanos Stathopoulos

Thanos Stathopoulos is currently working as the Director of Innovation Strategy at Lovesac. He holds his undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens as well as a Masters of Philosophy in Architecture & Philosophy and a Masters in Strategic Design & Management from Parsons School of Design. He has a background in management consulting, working with individuals one-on-one to increase their effectiveness, and designing new tools, which support clients in producing superior results. Prior to consulting, Thanos worked for years as an architect in several firms as well as a freelancer focusing on large scale projects and project management. For three seasons, he was the producer and host of his own T.V. program, Urban Landscapes. He is passionate about design, whether it be objects, buildings, or systems. His main interest is "design strategy" as a systemic approach for innovation.

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