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Maintainable Designed for Life products are thoughtfully engineered from the outset with standardized parts and replaceable components that extend the lifespan of the overall product. CORE TENET #3 Adaptable A DFL product is designed with interchangeable, adaptable, or modular components that enable the user to change the way they can utilize it and designers to add functionality later, extending a product’s lifespan. CORE TENET #4 End-of-life-able When it comes time to finally say goodbye, components should be biodegradable, however the landfill is the last place it should end up – because it was designed with an end-of-life plan in mind. CORE TENET #6 Sustainable Thoughtful design leads to thoughtful consumption. The DFL vision compels designers and manufacturers to set high standards for both the lifecycle of the product and the way the company operates. CORE TENET #3 Durable Selling something is a promise. A Designed for Life product aims to last for the lifetime of the consumer – and a guarantee to that effect puts the onus on the organization to ensure their design lives up to this high standard. CORE TENET #2 Loveable If you don’t love it, you won’t keep it. Viscerally pleasing design is a hallmark of the Designed for Life approach. Fads, trends, or limited editions are incorporated in transient and changeable elements only, shaping a core product line that is reliable, endearing, and timeless. CORE TENET #1

We enable mankind to consume less by inspiring companies to design better.