Maintainable Designed for Life products are thoughtfully engineered from the outset with standardized parts and replaceable components that extend the lifespan of the overall product. CORE TENET #2 Upgradable The ability to add functionality and utility after purchase is a key step in extending a product’s lifespan. CORE TENET #6 End-of-life-able Good products are designed with the end in mind. The DFL design process purposefully makes plans for all components to be recycled, repurposed, or even peer-to-peer traded. CORE TENET #8

We enable mankind to consume less by inspiring companies to design better.

Upcyling: Cool New Products Made From Reused Materials

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With consumers becoming more conscious of eco-friendly products and production, more companies are offering goods that have been upcycled—made from byproducts or unwanted materials that have been creatively reused. A phrase coined by William McDonough in one of my favorite books aptly titled, “The Upcycle,” Upcycling is a great way to practice sustainability, and in some cases, it even results in better supply-chain methods. From home furnishings to clothing and jewelry to the upholstery on car seats, upcycled products are available in a wide range of markets, and knowing about them can help you become a smarter consumer. Here are…

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Lighting has come a long way: Plumen low-energy light bulbs.

LED Luminaries: New and Improved Energy-Efficient Lighting

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When energy-saving lighting first hit the market, many of them were less than luminary in terms of style and cost-not to mention that ghastly glow. But awareness around efficiency has spread, even at the mass level: In 2012, the Montreal hockey arena, Bell Centre, replaced its old bulbs with 140 LEDs. The same year, New York City’s Central Park completed a massive installation of 1,600 LEDs. Companies have developed better energy-efficient alternatives for the home, too. The British company Plumen, for example, offers high-design, low-energy light bulbs, pendants, chandeliers, and shades at affordable prices. (They ship to the U.S. with…

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Sustainable Tourism: Change How You Travel

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As the year ramps up, we checked in on one of the most inspiring campaigns of 2017. The United Nations designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development to bring awareness to travel and sustainability among the public and private sector decision-makers. Tourism, the largest export category in many developing countries, now accounts for 10% of world GDP as well as one in every eleven jobs. Changing how we travel impacts our planet—and big-name companies are leading the charge with impressive initiatives. In the sector of airline travel, JetBlue bought 330,000 million gallons of biofuel (made from…

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A Beacon for Learning: Repurpose School Bags

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                                                                            Faced with the problems of both plastic waste proliferating in her neighborhoods and the lack of book bags for the local children, social entrepreneur Thato Kgatlanye set out to create a business that addressed these in a way that could make a difference as well as a profit. What emerged was Repurpose Schoolbags, a company with a product that uses recycled plastic…

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