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Saigon Ridealong

By January 11, 2017Travel, Vlog Posts

I’ve built, operated, or partnered with Lovesac factories in Utah, Mexico, California, Texas, North Carolina, and China over the years. But this was my very first trip to Vietnam.

We are exploring a new factory relationship in Vietnam to manufacture our Outdoor Sactionals. Labor is less expensive than China in Vietnam and there are many entrepreneurs excited to do the work—not to mention people who are happy to have good paying manufacturing jobs in good conditions.

Vietnam as I see it today reminds me very much of China 10 years ago and Taiwan 20 years ago. I was living in Taiwan from 1996 – 1998 and have gained a great perspective on how globalization, manufacturing, and industry can change and modernize a country and an entire culture. But as many similarities as there are between Vietnam and these other Asian countries where I’ve lived, it is undoubtedly its own place—with its own language, food, and culture.

Come with me on my first trip to Vietnam here, via my vlog

Let me know what you think.

— Shawn


About Shawn

Founder & CEO of Lovesac, a Designed For Life furniture company. I have a goal of building products that are truly sustainable. Would you believe, I won a $1 million investment on Fox’s “Rebel Billionaire” show in 2005 and became President of Virgin Worldwide with Richard Branson’s companies for a time. Since then, I've grown Lovesac into a national brand with over 150 showrooms and more than 1000 employees, recognized in Furniture Today as America’s fastest growing furniture retailer. I'm becoming known for my invention of Sactionals® Lovesac’s industry-disruptive sofa invention. Check out my vlog on YouTube! Get Off The Couch, with Shawn Nelson of Lovesac

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